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Whether you want to lose weight, build incredible muscle, tone, or boost your endurance to god-like levels — Saugeen Shores Crossfit has the workout you need. Never done it before? No problem. We’ll set you up with a killer workout that will push you to limits you didn’t think you could achieve. Are you an experienced CrossFitter but looking for a better environment? We can offer that too with professional certified trainers and people just like you to share your journey.

Join us today and experience what CrossFit can do for your body, your mind, and your health.

Am I ready for CrossFit?
CrossFit is for anybody. Everybody can benefit greatly from CrossFit.

Fitness beginners, fitness fanatics, former athletes and people who enjoy joining a community of like-minded individuals can all do very well in CrossFit. The scalable nature of CrossFit workouts means your starting fitness level is irrelevant, but that same scalable nature can lead to extreme levels of fitness. Former athletes often find the challenges very similar to the intense training they endured when competing and those who like to be part of a community will find the camaraderie of CrossFit goes well beyond many other types of training.

Who is CrossFit not for?
There are a few types of people who might not like CrossFit, despite the effectiveness of the workouts. Sport-specific athletes will be better served focusing on their specialty. For example, a powerlifter will definitely not get the training they need from CrossFit to do better in lifting competitions. In addition, some people are just lone wolf types – they prefer to work out alone. CrossFit is a community where people are often doing a training session together. If group participation just isn’t your thing, you’re likely best to stick to solo training methods. But that’s cool, do your thing! We support any active lifestyle to better one’s health!
What is a CrossFit WOD?
While many gyms will run their own CrossFit workout schedule, and even help you develop one that’s customized for you, the official CrossFit.com site publishes a Workout of the Day (WOD). If you’re interested in seeing a range of CrossFit workouts, feel free to check out them.

At Saugeen Shores Crossfit, we program our own customized workouts designed specifically to our community’s needs and goals to get the greatest possible benefit.

What will I get out of CrossFit?
CrossFit workouts are designed to shock your body by changing up what you do, not every few months as with many ‘traditional’ training programs, but Every. Single. Day. The benefit of this is that muscle groups are never ignored or passed over for more than a few days before being hit again, and usually in a different way than the last time you worked that group. The result is a body that is conditioned to handle literally anything! Whether your next non-CrossFit activity is cross-country skiing, volleyball, a baseball tournament, rugby, mountain climbing, or whatever… you’ll be able to excel at it and not even be sore the next day.

By combining strength training exercises with a very strong cardio component where you are encouraged to complete the workout within a certain time limit without sacrificing good form, CrossFit results in a body that is über toned, highly resilient and with the cardio power to run up mountains — in some cases, literally!

Will I get really big muslces?
An often overlooked benefit of CrossFit is that it has introduced tens of thousands of people to resistance training. Some men, but especially many women, who would never have considered hitting the weights discover the many benefits of bodybuilding through CrossFit. The term ‘bodybuilding’ sometimes is seen as negative by people who associate it with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and other similar gigantic slabs of muscular hypertrophy. Most people have no interest in looking like that, but taking up bodybuilding doesn’t mean that you’ll end up needing to have your clothes custom made because nothing off the rack will fit over your bulging biceps.

A better term than bodybuilding might be body-sculpting. This is the conscious effort to increase the size and strength of certain muscle groups to improve strength, muscle tone, and definition while literally sculpting the body into a more desirable shape. There are many benefits to bodybuilding that go well beyond the merely visual. More muscle mass means a higher Resting Metabolic Rate, which makes it easier to stay lean. In addition, a higher ratio of muscle to fat results in a body that is more resistant to injury and disease.

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